MD Practice Partner | Start Ups
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The decision to start your own practice is exciting and sometimes overwhelming.  There is tremendous time, energy and financial risk associated with establishing a practice. We also know that, as a physician, your first responsibility should be the patients in your care, not getting tangled up in credentialing or creating policies or worrying if the steps you are taking are the right ones.

That’s where we come in.

Knowing that you have a trusted and experienced partner to help navigate the details and educate you on key areas of owning a practice can be the difference between success and struggle. We are here to ensure your practice gets off on the right foot from the start, saving you countless hours and dollars in potential mistakes later on down the line.

How We Can Help

Our services provide virtually everything you need to launch your practice effectively and efficiently from day one. Every practice is different and our plan is to provide you with what you need when you need it.

Business Planning

  • Assistance with obtaining financing
  • Create a business plan with budget
  • System selections
  • Selection of exam room and office furnishings
  • Guidance and timelines for ancillary services
  • Developing a marketing plan

Location and Design Assistance

  • Identifying practice location
  • Design layout and office flow
  • Interior design / finishes
  • Create an office renovations required timeline
  • Construction project management


  • Preferred partner discounts on vendors and supplies
  • Initial medical inventory order
  • Initial cosmetic inventory order
  • Mohs lab set up

Building a Team of Proven Professionals

  • Legal and financial advisors
  • Architect/contracting firm
  • Marketing firm
  • Credentialing agency

Practice Financials

  • Determine practice services and associated fees
  • Develop fee schedules
  • Create proven revenue cycle plan
  • Develop patient policies
  • Develop front office and billing process and procedures/ training documents

Selection of Systems and Services

  • Telephone system
  • Patient management system
  • EMR selection

Human Resources

  • Education and resources to understand human resource (HR) functions
  • Creation of over 50 forms to maintain compliance and develop HR program
  • Office policies and procedures
  • Job descriptions
  • Development of new hire documents
  • Patient financial policies

Staff Recruitment

  • Recruit for key staff positions
  • Resume review
  • Initial screening interviews
  • Presentation of the best candidates with recommendations

Ongoing Assistance

We recognize your practice needs do not end with the grand opening.  MD Practice Partner is dedicated to working with you and your team to keep things on track and to be there to guide you when questions arise. Once you have launched, our job is to help you grow by identifying new opportunities to expand your services when the time is right and be at your side partnering in your success.

How does it work?

We start with a complimentary consultation to learn more about your goals and vision for your practice. Your dedicated consultant will gain a better understanding of your needs and begin to create a customized plan for your practice. The next step will be to provide you with a comprehensive plan for success and be with you every step of the way as your practice is established.

How much does it cost?

Launching a new practice is a time-consuming task with many details. Navigating these details successfully can be the difference between profitability and growth or struggling and trying to survive. The needs of each start-up are very different and our pricing model reflects that.  Our passion for helping launch stems from the countless times we have been asked for assistance after the practice has been established for a year and is not thriving.  Unraveling issues later only delays your success.  MD Practice Partner works extensively to meet your needs within your specific budget and offers payment plans as you establish your business.